Friday, February 14, 2014

Finally Friday Feb. 14

I went to a presentation at TCEA about Vine. Haven't actually done anything yet ... but think I'd like to. The question is just HOW?

Of course you know Kid President. Just thought this one was a great inspiration for our possible library "renovation" project to create a quieter Makerspace closet in the library.
Angie O's pin on Pinterest.

Silly and ridiculous ... but hey, if you didn't get the original game downloaded then here's an option!

Working on wrapping my head around this model because I think it's on to something.

A great example of the importance of a hook!

So. This morning I had this grand plan for a 4th grade class publishing a poem ... and I overestimated their comfort level with inserting textboxes and images. Argh. Kiddos haven't had enough practice.

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  1. Love the 1st lines quotes! My kids love Kid President! We just did a project on inventions and that video fit in perfectly with those lessons.