Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transforming Space

Now if you're here because you thought I had the answer? A How To post? Nope. Sorry. I'm the one asking the question ... anyone got some ideas? I'm supposed to be writing a Transformation Plan but since this is the only space I've ever worked in it's hard to see the forest for the trees, you know?

And you already know how I feel about the lack of walls. I whine about it a lot. It's the second only to genes reason I have to color gray hairs.
This is our story area. Yes, I know I need to weed the picture books! The arrow is pointing to the cafeteria exit. It's ... eight feet from that corner. Constantly trying to get that door closed. And the entire wall of the cafeteria on that side? Glass. :P
Remember this pic? Do you think it's nuts to get rid of all those shelves? I will say I'm having some fun weeding. Seriously thought I'd kept up with it fairly well. NOPE! I should stop and take pics of more of the best ones. How did I leave these things on the shelf for so long?
Anyway. Now we move on.
Here's a view from the corner of the circ desk closest to the story area. Like our clutter on the circ desk? I'm trying. It's hard. :/
This is the view of the library from the office door. Literally. Here. Let's turn around.
Here I am standing on the hawk's wing looking to my right. The biographies are on the outside of the shelf you can see on the other side of the computers. Classes always sit in the hallway along the biographies and wait for the restroom (that is on the other side of the wall). These are thin client computers. It's nice to have so many but sometimes I would prefer fewer that do not have the limitations of a thin client. Time will tell. We've only had these a few months.
And here's my desk. Officially hanging my head in shame. Had a kiddo come back from break once saying "I showed my dad the picture of us that we took right here and he said 'Your librarian has a messy desk.'" I KNOW.
And this is the view from the circ desk. Little people walking by. Can't always see them. Can always here them, even when they're trying so hard to be quiet. Little feet. The older ones? They don't always try as hard.


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Mrs. O! I love seeing your space. I really like the word wall you created.

  2. Hi Ms. O! I just re-stumbled on this post and I'm wondering if getting tablets instead of thin clients is a possibility for you. More room freed up, and cheaper (at least my Nexus tablets were). I hear you on the cafe noise too. So frustrating when trying to teach a class.

    1. If it had been up to me I actually might have done just that to save on the space. Or laptops, perhaps, that could be put away in a trunk when not in use. Wasn't given the choice, though. It became a "district standard."