Friday, January 31, 2014

Finally Friday Jan. 31

Remember last Friday when it was an Ice Day? That was cool.
No pun intended until it was already there on the screen in front of me. And then I left it there.

Most definitely, problemsofanerdtumblr. Most definitely.

Started this with my 3rd grade enrichment group. The first weeks of January we learned a little bit about several topics they chose ... just to sort of see what was out there. The last couple days we've been narrowing those topics down. So far it's going pretty well. Like anything we have a couple kiddos that have really taken off with it, a couple kiddos who use their time in school well, and a couple that it's a constant "are you using your time" questionfest. Will keep you posted! Some of the topics are origami, visiting Paris, cooking, and ghost towns. Had a couple that wanted to do "build a delorian" or "how to build rockets" or "learn how to match lights with music" (a la "What does the Fox say" Halloween lights) but we had to postpone those.

Because it made me laugh. I Want my Hat Back is still a favorite. My awesome clipboard disappeared ... either in the summer packing up of the library or in the move of my house. I cannot figure it out. If it was at school what else am I missing (besides the Pete one as well!) that I can't even remember? Or at home, actually. Pigeon is still around at least.

A funny again!

The narrator's voice is a little ... not what I hear in my head, anyway. But this is AWESOME. I love stop motion. My one attempt (that, oddly, has disappeared from YouTube) took forever and it was only three minutes.
Angie O's pin on Pinterest.

An author visit and TCEA next week!

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