Friday, September 6, 2013

Finally Friday Sept. 6

You know me and clip art (and owls). It's so silly. But I like these. And I want them. You don't even know what I already got that I haven't pinned to remember! ;)

Dear Digital Bake Shop, I wish I could draw like you!

A friend sent this to me on Pinterest. I like it for 3 reasons. 1) Cause it's Lego. 2) Cause it's Library. And 3) Longish brown hair. Like me! And Princess Katherine. Was looking at a gallery of photos the other day and they were talking about her half up-half down hairstyles. I have to remind myself she has people to do her hair all the time. I think about chopping mine all off at least five times a week.

Found on Super Furry Librarian's Flickr stream

I got these earrings from Twisted Design (on Etsy) earlier in the summer. Really only started wearing them once school started. And then I lost one on Saturday. *insert sad face* Debating replacing them. I wasn't even wearing a lanyard! That's been the usual culprit for my many lost earrings. I also got the lightning strike studs.

I listened to this on Tuesday night after a 12 plus hour day. It was super interesting. I want to get it going in our library. I'm just not sure if I have the "umph" right now. Feeling very ... meh for two weeks in. Hope I beat it. Feeling this beaten this early? Uncool. Rise above sillyness and all that.

(PS The link goes to The Busy Librarian's webpage/podcast. It's an interview with a school librarian and the author/owner of the Genius Hour website.)

This is from the Primary Chalkboard. We're getting some mp3 players for audiobooks as soon as the PO goes through (OH MY WORD THAT TAKES SO STINKING LONG!!!). But they aren't iPods. Hope that won't confuse the kiddos.

And now it's the weekend. It's time to write my nieces and nephews. I LOVE THAT THEY WANT TO BE SNAIL MAIL PEN PALS.

Come back on Monday for the winner of the Rose ARC and the start of a new book giveaway. Then NEXT Monday for a giveaway of a free canvas print. Giving stuff away is fun! Can't wait for the next SLANT box matchups.


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