Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally Friday Friday the 13th

I want to come up with a better way to help kids. I absolutely cannot answer thirty seven of them at once. Nice creative way to ... take a number? Naive? Actually thought about a question SPOT in the library to get in line. But then we have no spot.

I tried a stop motion Piggie and Elephant a while back. If I'm ever feeling that crazy again (or if I ever got out of morning announcements or outside morning duty) I would go back to having a Library Lego Club. And I'd get like a super cool set. And we would totally do this!

I sort of want this. Even though I have my cool case that also has a mirror and somewhere to keep a drivers license. I also sort of want a 5S.

And ... just those three today. Tired. That happens when you quit working out.

Enter Monday's Book Giveaway! And come back this coming Monday for a free canvas print giveaway.
Have an awesome weekend! I picked up a couple books on hold at the public library. So I'd like to say I'll be reading but really I'll probably be fussing over my Region 20 presentation.


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