Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finally Friday Sept. 27

Click through! I stayed with embedded Pinterest widgets this time.

Thinking of making this with some of the RSG, PreK, or K kids in a week or two. Only we will add "SPOOKY" buttons (little ghosts or bats or owls or cats or what have you).

Love this bookcase made from an old door.

Fun rolls! As if I ever cooked ...

I haven't updated my phone yet. Actually thinking about getting a new one. Maybe shouldn't spend the money, though. May very well be homeless by the end of the October. It was too good to think the timing of the sale of THIS house would coincide with the date we could move into the NEW house. And I know that's coming (the new place) and it still feels awful. What about the people that don't have that assurance? :/

So since I'm feeling so overwhelmed with ridiculousness at school (CAN ONE THING WORK RIGHT? ONE THING?) and then the housing/moving situation I may be starting this sooner rather than later. So much to be thankful for.


PS Sale this weekend! I thought it would let me mark some things 10 and some things 20 percent. Nope. Split the difference and went for 15%. But if you are around your computer between ... oh, between 4 and 7 Friday or 9 and 11 or 1 and 3 Saturday check any wishlisted items. There will be some flash freebies as well. I need something to cheer myself up! Bookfair's stressful. Moving is stressful. Stupid work where not one piece of technology EVER WORKS is stressful. :P

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  1. Love the door book shelf! I'm pretty sure I still have an old door out in the barn. Only problem no where to put it. Maybe when the boys go to college? I'll agree with the book fair stress! My library funds were cut drastically with this years budget. I must be crazy I was thinking about doing another one in the spring.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms