Saturday, December 8, 2012


So I'm hoping to get some fun ideas soon. The past week was just sort of survival mode. We had  a tragedy occur at our school on Monday. A teacher collapsed on the playground. Her team got the kids out of sight and into the gym quickly and EMS was called. She was taken off of life support on Wednesday and passed away yesterday.

I didn't know her really all that well. She was new to our campus ... just in mid to late September when we had more kiddos in that grade than was expected! What I do know is that she was a wife and mother of four (the youngest two still in elementary school). Her students really liked her and her grade level and the other teachers who witnessed her collapse and tried to fight for her life (CPR and the defibrillator) are hurting. So while the hurt is not super personal for me (I knew the assistant who passed away the weekend before school started much better) it's still there on campus and anytime you're away from the kids you can sense it. I can't even imagine what her family is going through.

So. Had a busy week planned anyway. An entire grade level that wanted to make the Flat Gingys (teacher librarians ... do you ever get TIRED of doing the same thing multiple times? Loved it the first time but by the sixth it was not quite so fun for me. Had to concentrate on how much fun the kids were having and how excited they were to hear about Flat Stanley). Lots of checkouts. Starting a research project with 1st grade. PTA meeting and long day.

And working on an iDevice project with a 4th grade class. Didn't go quite like I'd hoped because of bureaucracy but that is neither here nor there. Kids didn't know the difference. Just know what was in my vision for the kids and the lesson and was frustrated when we weren't allowed to do it.

Does anyone else have a hard time adjusting their expectations to reality? And knowing when to keep fighting and when it's just as well to let something go?

I SO want to make this but when I weed books it's usually because they are moldy and smell yucky. So I don't know. ;]

Thanks for letting me put a rant out into the interwebs. Hope your holiday season is starting off beautifully and you have the spirit of the season. Give your family and friends and students and yourself your love and attention. You won't regret it.


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  1. Sorry you had a very rough week. Some weeks are like that, and make us appreciate the weeks that aren't filled with tragedies even more. Be extra kind to yourself so you can get through the next couple of weeks. Will be thinking about you!