Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals: Life in General

Life in General
1) DECLUTTER & ORGANIZE. I feel surrounded by it. Not sure how to do this one, though. Ideas? Home is a little easier than work but both places are in dire need. Will be moving into a new place probably late in the summer so it's needed at home. At work? Just for my peace of mind. With so much action in the halls I would like inside our little circle of shelves to be a bit calmer and more orderly. Spend enough time putting things out and taking things down. Don't need to spend time looking for lost things!

     Well. If I had some good ideas for the linky I'd let everyone know. But I don't. Trying to move to electronic only files (hooray Google Drive and $5 for upgraded storage and access from anywhere!) but that's hard. Seems wasteful to reprint signs and station task cards and even extra copies of things. Got some matching apple green binders to try keeping what I could in page protectors. That's better than the mess it was before! Not super eco-friendly to get all new ... but the mismatching binders ... they didn't look nice. :/ And if I was really good and organized? I'd have pics of said nice apple green binders. #oops
     ONE GOOGLE CALENDAR for both home and school. Right now I'm using the free version of Calenmob on my phone. Don't necessarily love it, though. Anyone have one they like better? I actually don't mind paying if it works.

2) Less time online, more with people in REAL LIFE. This is another one I'm not quite sure how I'll go about. By the end of the day I'm pretty tired. So many people needing things all day. You know what I'm talking about. And I don't even have kids when I come home that still need me so I tend to retreat into my introvert's comfort zone. Some of that is fine and good and necessary. Some of that zone should be expanded. This could also include commenting on blogs, though. ;]

3) MEAL PLANNING. That was the key to better health last time. Last minute and I make very poor choices.



  1. Come on over and comment on my blog any ol' time. :-) Maybe we should meal plan's my total downfall.

    Craft of Teaching

    1. No kidding, right? If I think ahead I actually can make pretty healthy choices. I don't hate all healthy food. But egads. Left to my last minute devices? I pick up the Oreos instead of the oranges. I dash through the Las Palapas drive thru for chicken tacos and chips with queso and salsa instead of the less expensive and better for me chicken noodle soup.

    2. We are obviously sisters on some level! I would take Oreos for dinner every. single. time. And I'm pretty sure the people at the Taco Bell drive thru know my face, if not my name. I think I can plan the meals, but I would like my own personal assistant to go to the store and do the shopping. And then cook the meals. And clean up after the meals. Yikes. I'm off the wagon already...{bump, bump, bump} (That's me falling off the wagon.) LOL