Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals: Tech

Well hmmm. I did not follow up as I should have on this year's goals. Not by a long shot. So 2013 ... here's to being more accountable.

1) Evernote. Been learning a little at a time but we're talking snail's pace here. Bump it up to maybe tortoise pace. ;]
2) Update posts on apps. Pester you all instead of the librarians in my district because sometimes I overwhelm them with emails and forum posts ... "Look at this cool app!" "Try this app!" "This app is free today!" ;]
3) Oh, this is coming up quickly! TCEA presentations on QR Codes and E-Readers.
4) Update Pinterest & Teacher Librarians post. Seems to be a favorite. I wish Pinterest would give more info on people you repin the most from. I know there's the three up at the top but that changes.


1 comment:

  1. I would love it if you pestered me with app suggestions. My problem is that I have iPods not iPad for my library. Many cool apps won't work on the iPods. Thanks for sharing with all of us!