Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goals: Creativity

1) Photoshop Elements. I have it. I'm a little scared of it. (Yay Ribbet! And iPiccy. And Picmonkey!) On a related note ... take more pics!
2) Try VINYL with the Silhouette Cameo. Only done paper. #silly
3) Can I count cooking here? Have some time to plan ... won't have the new kitchen until the new digs (see goals posting tomorrow) but my dad made sure I was ready. His Christmas presents to me? Toaster. Knives. Plates. Kitchen utensils. In storage for now but hey. I have time to plan and learn. Oh and a personal crock pot that I can use now. Will have to hide it behind some books seeing as how I have no office and am out in front of EVERYONE but I can heat up lunches at work. Without having to wait in the interminable line for the nasty microwave that sets things on fire in the staff lounge. :/


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