Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Library Wish List 2012 Part #1

So this is just for silly fun. Of course my first wishes would be that our students (and all children!) had a safe place to live and plenty of food to eat. And their own bookcases filled to the brim.

Last Year's Post #1, #2, and #3.

Really this one stands for ORGANIZATION. When I think of all of these that I threw away. Hardly ever get them anymore because flash drives or cloud storage have taken over CDs and DVDs. Do you think the school district would pay for a professional organizer to come in and help me streamline? IT IS SO HARD when all day people need things. And after school people still need things. So I give up and just go home.

A podcasting studio! HOW COOL would that be? Every time we try to do anything where the students record to publish their learning we are always dealing with so much ambient noise it spoils things. Classroom is always hard with the other kiddos but at least in spaces where the library has walls or the librarian has an office the teacher can send small groups down to record without dealing with 300 people walking through in the middle of it. Oops. There I am whining again. If I went back to my resolutions post (which I will, eventually) I will be reminded that my goal was NOT to complain about it so much. Apologies. :/



  1. Today I will be thankful for my walls (I have them not only in the library itself, but around an entire back room that locks!) and not whine about the lack of electric outlets everywhere but the ends of the library, the round tables, or the total lack of places to put the magazines that were just demanded. Have you asked the PTA nicely for a trolley?

    1. Oh, outlet pain. Tripping over cords is no fun. #apoxonarchitects
      And ... they do give us money. It just always gets spent on author visits for the kids or books. Maybe I should spend it on facilities type stuff. A less cluttered environment would help their learning.