Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One iPad in the Library Part Two

So here is part two ... media creation. This is not meant to be exhaustive or even a how-to. If you are especially interested in one of the apps, hint hint ... a COMMENT would go a long way toward encouraging me to post about it again in more detail. ;]

I will probably end up modifying these folders so that the purely photography ones are separate. Toontastic is a MUST get ... and the basic app is free (and if you have a TPT account this is a free how-to guide that is awesome!). There are lots of add-on packs that are awesome but they are in-app purchases. If there was a "pass" like with the next app on the Volume Purchasing store I did not find it. Puppet Pals basic is free ... but then you can buy a "season pass" to get additional content. I thought it was worth it for the possible storytelling elements.

Comic Life costs but it is awesome. If you know of The Daring Librarian at all you've seen some of her  guides that she makes with Comic Life. I've not gotten that proficient but I'm working on it! The kids may or may not use that one ... I got it because I was tired of always having to work on things on my personal Mac and then if we noticed a mistake I was unable to fix it until I got home again. Halftone is also a comic creator.

I really need to actually read some Big Nate. The books were always checked out during the school year!

Screen Chomp ... I got it because I saw all these recommendations but so far I've not figure out how we are going to use it. Oops. Actual posted videos I've found are usually of kiddos doing math problems. I guess I wasn't thinking ... can't run two apps at once. I first thought you could use it as like a screencasting app to make tutorials for other apps.

iMovie is a no-brainer. The Lego stop-motion one is free ... may have to try it next year. The only thing is stop-motion takes so long. But I do believe it has the "ghosting" effect onscreen so maybe you could see where your last shot was and more easily recreate it? Sock Puppets is HILARIOUS. Mad Lips could be ... saw Tony Vincent use it at iPadpalooza with a photo of the President.

Not a whole lot in this one so that will make it an easy one to finish out the post. Brain Pop's freebie video of the day app is pretty fun. Makes me wish I had access to their entire library! Can't say that I've found much on the Smithsonian one for the kids. Nothing BAD ... just not of interest to the elementary set. May delete the regular PBS one ... the Kids one, of course, is helpful!


Here's Part One.

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  1. You will love Big Nate! As for iPad apps--meh. I've not been impressed by the iPad as a good work tool. Fun for browsing the web, and great for spider solitaire, but not so good for work.