Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creating Book Trailers with Elementary Students

If anyone is interested I just agreed to do this.
#eeeek #startthenervesnow #nobutreallyIdohaveacluewhatImtalkingaboutIDO


Apologies for the double posting two days in a row. That's what happens when you schedule posts ahead of time! And if the linked image doesn't work (which I'm guessing it might not but you can't tell in the preview ... but a comment from a lovely reader gave me an explanation that made more sense than anything I ever saw when googling) go here for more info on my presentation. Then here for more on the rest of their webinars. The Day of Learning stuff is free. Just a note ... they will send you plenty of emails for more free resources AND for the stuff they'd like it if you paid for ... but you can easily delete them if you are not interested. Shhhh! That's what I do. :]

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  1. And ... big surprise. Link did not work. Will have to try again another time. Hoped maybe it would since you couldn't see any strange HTML code in the preview. I guess it's hidden somewhere.