Thursday, January 19, 2012

Word Warriors

Any ideas on how to teach third graders how to play games like Bananagrams and Scrabble? Thought it would be fun to have a morning "club" but they are just not quite ... getting it.

They are great kiddos but they just sort of sit there. Don't even see "dog" or "cat" even when the letters are right in front of them. :/ ... thanks f_shields 'cause I forgot to take a pic this morning!

I keep wondering if I shouldn't start some sort of ... I don't know. Start with word families or something? All the different words that end in -ad or whatever? My secondary Spanish teaching background is not helping me here. Got myself in to this and I do really think it would have to be good for them if I can only structure it properly.

I'm the only adult there and can't always be with them because at the same time I'm also trying to produce the morning announcements. I am there at least 80% of the time, though.

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  1. It seems to be that we had a children's version of Scrabble that had words already on the board, and you had to use what letters you had to do words. I could be hallucinating about this, though!