Friday, January 6, 2012

Fast Five Fridays

Wow. Cedar, you are outdoing yourself this year. I will be back to properly acknowledge the ... "givers"? "Bestowers" of the Versatile Blogger Award? Hopefully this weekend.

For tonight (well, really tomorrow as I'm scheduling it) ... a Fast Five Favorite. For now. Topic will change every week (sometimes books, sometimes teaching, and maybe even something else entirely). I might even do something else entirely. Just want to keep the groove going. Maybe the successful groove can translate back into exercise mojo.

Five Favorite Organizational Supplies I Am Going to Use This Year
HA! They look pretty, at least.
1) Brightly colored PostIts. I'm attempting to use them as an organizational tool this year ... cause apparently before I just liked to buy them and stuff them in a drawer. Got quite a collection. But NO pastels and not even the sort of lame generic yellow. Go loud or go home on the colored PostIts. I have pages in a notebook for Work and Person, To Do, Doing, and Waiting On. And anything else I might decide. Ripping the Postit Note out is just as good as crossing it off of the list but leaves behind less visual clutter. Ask me in a couple weeks if it is still a doable system. Feels prehistoric to need a hard copy and not be able to do it on my phone but oh well. ;]


2) Sharpies
Bold colors. NEW Crayolas also work but not if they are fading. These are like the only two ways I'm bold. Office supplies. Sharpies

3) My new laminator purchased on an Amazon lightning deal. Why? I don't get the appeal but it is so nerdily satisfying to encase little teaching things in plastic thereby making whatever color it might have been POP. The whole process is so environmentally unfriendly of me. :[

4) Big Paper Clips. No little ones. Big ones. They are good for clipping papers, unbending and hanging things from the ceiling, unbending and poking into safety catches on ridiculous old dumb school laminators that never work any more! And other things.

5) Glue Sticks. You can MAKE COOL STUFF and not make a big mess. Or, actually, I lie. I've seen big messes made with glue sticks. But they are not as bad as liquid glue. Though liquid glue mixed with water is good for decoupaging. Containers make good organization. Decoupaged containers make prettier organization.


  1. Oh my gosh...there is nothing like a good round up of supplies like this! Thanks!

  2. Hey, Mrs. O! Found you through the Comment Challenge and it's like I've stumbled across a kindred spirit. Is it weird that things like colored postits and sharpies make me geek out in the best way? I love designed paperclips and pocket notebooks with elastic band fasteners, too. Forget Nordstrom; take me to an Office Max and I'm in heaven. : )

    Nice to "meet" you!


    P.S. Just kidding about forgetting Nordstrom. Can't live without their shoe department...

  3. You made me go and check my stdio supplies which turns out that I am out of many things. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I'm nerding out over your post its and sharpies. Using them together = total satisfaction.

  5. I LOVE my laminator, especially for kids artwork. They also make good placemats if needed :) All the best with your organisation.

  6. I have to admit I have always wanted a laminator...maybe 2012 will be my year!

  7. Deb ... there really isn't, is there? Kind of silly. But the pretty colors!
    Gerb ... geek out! I do all the time.
    Russ ... to be talented enough to have a studio. Glad other people are cause I am not. Rock on!
    Kelly ... so it's not just me? Yay!
    Jackie ... I know. I wish I used them more effectively. Mostly like to collect pretty colors.
    Melissa ... thanks. It's most definitely a work in progress. Every year I swear this is the year it will happen.
    Anamaria ... go for it! Especially ... now I will have to go look. I know I peeked at your blog before but I can't remember exactly. If you are a teacher or librarian or have kids then definitely. Go for it! It was an impulse purchase (drat you Amazon!) but I'm having fun with it!