Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wonder Wednesday

Well. I had every intention of taking a picture of the kiddos' Abraham Lincoln and George Washington "wonders" (bulletin board for "Leader in Me" visit ... it's a long story) but did it get done? Nope. Maybe I'll save them for February. That's really when we think about them, right?


So for this post I will tour the Wonderopolis site for a bit. Bear with me. :]

A couple days ago the question was What makes a pyramid? This ties right in to the recent announcement about the title for book three in the Kane series. Always been a fan of stories related to ancient Egypt. Need to show this to the 4th and 5th graders.

Or maybe this one. Why are sodas fizzy? Check out the video! And then ... maybe limit your soda intake. Says someone who has like quadrupled her intake the past couple of weeks. Oops.

Here's another interesting one. How hot is lava? I foresee hearing that question on Friday as we begin "rapid changes to the earth's surface" with 3rd grade. Yep. Volcanoes would definitely qualify.

And now I must go back to re-editing my Photo/Picture Editing page. Upgrades are needed.

Or maybe I'll finish Eye of the Storm. Or start Marty McGuire. Talking to the class on THURSDAY about our Skype chat on FRIDAY.

Dear Gym, I know I desperately need to visit you. Maybe if I can even get caught up to only a day or two behind I'll be OK. In order to get me to the gym at 5 in the morning I would need ... significant incentive. Like someone dragging me out of bed. And making my lunch. And planning. And shelving. And getting my way behind PR materials for district grant finished. And way behind Overdrive order for foundation grant finished. And ebook wish list finished. And washing my car. And doing my taxes. And my grocery shopping. Motivation, wherefore are thou?

PS As I write this it's Tuesday night. When it goes live I will be reading the Red Sled and The First Day of Winter to a little Spanish-speaking PreK class. Fun! They're very patient with my doable but not perfect Spanish. :]

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