Saturday, January 7, 2012

Versatile Blogger

What a total nerd thrill. Seriously. First it was the awards and then new comments from the Comment Challenge. YAY! I cried a little bit. Well. It was from scratching at my eyes (I will stop harping on this soon but I HATE CEDAR!) but a little bit from geek happiness, too. ;]

Now. On to the more important stuff.

Lemme Library and Ms. Yingling. Thank you. I love learning about what you are doing in your necks of the woods! Love it! I steal ideas and books all the time. Thanks for making me look good. I do say "I got this idea from one of my Internet Library Friends." :]

Here are the rules:
•Thank and link to the blogger who bestowed the award.
•Share seven random facts about yourself (see below).
•Spread the love by passing the award to five other bloggers--and be sure to let them know.

  • Cari at The Centered School Library--know her personally and LOVE her stuff!
  • Sherry at A Tale of Two Libraries--know her, too, and wish she wasn't quite so busy and would update more! She had some great views on what she's going through this year. I instant message her during the day for ideas. Perhaps if I didn't distract her ... ;]
  • Shannon at Extreme Reading and Writing--just "met" her via NerdyBookClub and What Are You Reading? Monday and like her style.
  • Sarah at Page in Training. She was one of the first people I actually sort of talked to a little bit on Twitter besides Kelly B. instead of just reciprocal following. For a fairly introverted person it was fun for me to find new people to get ideas from/share ideas with.
  • Hemmed and hawed a little on this one because I don't know her and didn't want her to think I was some ... wierdo. BUT I love her blog and have gotten some great ideas (those monthly stats? One day I will get disciplined enough to gather them because they tell a great story about what's going on in her space!) Mrs. Mattei.

Seven Random Facts (This could get interesting. Five is usually my limit. Plus I'm always pretty random so most of the even semi-interesting stuff has already been posted. ;])

1) I love Converse low-top tennis shoes. I have ... 7 pairs? 8? The Ox ones offer a little more support for long work days (yes, I know ... not the best professional choice at ALL but my Mary Jane Crocs are dead and they don't make them any more and other "cute" and "professional" shoes? By the end of the day I'm hobbling around like an old lady. Not acceptable, either.)


2) Chocolate and peanut butter. Chocolate and mint. Chocolate and hazelnut. Chocolate and graham. Chocolate and cinnamon. Do you sense a DANGEROUS pattern here?

3) One of the few "girly" things about me (I mean, I do wear dresses and skirts and all but just because I usually prefer Star Wars and Converse and scifi/fantasy) ... I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables series and all of L. M. Montgomery's other stuff. Read them like a bazillion times. Haven't in a while. Need to pick Anne back up. One of my sisters (the other one has younger kiddos and we're not patient enough to wait until they're old enough! Sorry, Aubs!) and I are planning a trip to PEI. Probably not this summer cause our dad is retiring from the Army and travel plans include that ... but next year sometime.

4) I have been to ... Mexico, British Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, and Morocco. Would love to go back to England and spend some time in the countryside ... most of my time there was in London. Was genuinely bummed out when no good looking Scottish man came around the corner and swept me off my feet like here.

Oh, wait. Liking this is pretty girly, too, isn't it.

5) I am not very organized. I love organization supplies (hence my Fast Five Friday post) but I am rubbish at putting them to use. THIS IS THE YEAR THAT CHANGES. Plus ... I'm an information professional. It is unacceptable to be so disorganized. And yet, the piles. Oh, the piles.

6) I named my first car Wesley after ... well, do you know who after? If you do you are awesome! My second car I named after my physical trainer in hopes that the guilt over all that money would inspire me to continue working out after I quit working out with him. It didn't work. Should I say ... yet? Feel so much better when I'm active but BLAH it's boring while I'm doing it.

7) I have never read a Junie B or a Magic Treehouse book. THERE I SAID IT. I CAN'T STAND THEM. Nor have I read half of our state list books. I do read a lot, though. Just let me pick out my own stuff, OK? I do try to keep up on the ideas about other books so I can talk to kiddos that I think will like them. But I don't. I hope that's not hypocritical.

(And, btw, I am wondering if this post is going to look different because I finally tried to tie BACK together the two Google accounts associated with this blog ... some update Google did a while back made me have to separate the two and it was really annoying and frustrating. Note to self ... next time you get a domain name do it the easy way right through blogger instead of the harder way.)


  1. Mrs. Mattei needs to open up her blog to comments! I visited, but wasn't able to tell her how great I thought it was. And, Ms. O., we must be kindred spirits. Love Converse but don't have a pair (go with the old lady Clarks for the hobbling!), and adored Anne. So much fun! Thanks for passing the award along.

  2. Seriously ... I do believe I agree.:] And I was being nosy and poking around and found your quilt blog. Now, I don't quilt. Don't have the patience for it. But I had to tell my mother and she was super impressed. My mom quilts all the time. I tell her she should blog but she never does. Too paranoid about taking the pics. I would like to get organized enough that I could consistently help her.

  3. Ms. Yingling! Thanks for visiting my blog! I need to change my theme or something because for some reason the theme doesn't allow for a 'comments' button. But! There is a way around it! If you click on the archive posts it will get you to the post as well as the comment section. I will hopefully figure it out to. Ale it easier. :)

    Thanks for reading!!!! :^)

    ~Mrs. Mattei

  4. I'm also a big Anne fan. And I love The Blue Castle.

    And I like book lists, but then I'm not a professional.

  5. You are going to LOVE P.E.I. You are seriously going to love it. A friend and I went on an Anne pilgrimage (that's what it felt like) back in (oh gosh) 1982, and the memories still linger. Be sure to see the musical version of Anne at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown, and tell Green Gables I'll be back some day.

    (Visiting from the Campaign Challenge, and had to comment on this post when I read about Anne.)

  6. I've always wanted to visit PEI. I love Anne of Green Gables too. Have you watched the movies?

  7. Wesley Crusher if you are a Star Trek geek or Wesley from Princess Bride if you're a girly geek. I'm betting on the second one.

  8. Nice try, Jim, but no. Wesley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel. The car was too pretty to be a Spike with the spoiler and bit of pinstriping. So instead he was Wesley the Demon Hunter. Which I thought fit the character ... he was British and a bit wimpy at the start of the story. Toughened up by the series finales.

    Which I guess makes me a bit of a girly geek, too, doesn't it? Am I redeemed that for at least a while I followed Will Wheaton on Twitter? :]

    Thanks for stopping by!