Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wonder Wednesday

This one ought to last EVEN LONGER *insert sarcastic face here* because eventually it will require me to get on video. Which ... = blech.

But. How many of you know of Wonderopolis? Maybe everyone. I just discovered them last summer. Tie that in to the awesome professional book A Place for Wonder and you have a goal that has had a slow start this school year but I am determined to not give up entirely on.

I run the morning announcements so every Wednesday we've taken something from their site. And I created a big bulletin board in the hall where it had the question printed and in a sheet protector pinned up to the board and kiddos lifted it up to see the condensed answer version inside. Do I have pictures? No. Can't take one tomorrow, either, because just before the break I did have to change it out for a special "visit" we were having for working toward Lighthouse School status. I will change it back in a bit, though. And I could possibly still take a pic because I put up the two posters of Lincoln and Washington from the Picturing America series and titled it ... something about leaders. Now I can't remember. Then I put up a couple of questions I had about them along with some blank bubbles and kiddos have filled in their own wonders.

In my HEAD I was going to get the kids thinking about questions of their own. Submit them to me and I'd make a little video blog about the answer and HOW I FOUND the answer. After a bit I really wanted to get the KIDS answering the "wonders." Since learned that I am slow in implementing ideas and the timeline might take a little longer than I thought. I guess that's OK.

I wonder what this guy is thinking about?


  1. I'm awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award over at my blog, and you might find the book I reviewed today interesting as well. Great minds!

  2. I started Wonderopolis with my 6th. graders in the Fall, and just love it - it answers my need for more non fiction reading in such an imaginative way. I posted about our adventures and look forward to reading your experiences with this site.

  3. I was not familiar with Wonderopolis, but I am now. Thanks!

    I think this guy is thinking: How many of these have I eaten in my lifetime? Wish I had a milkshake.