Saturday, April 23, 2011

JunoniaJunonia by Kevin Henkes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As I was reading this I would go back and forth between loving the story and then thinking "This is a little strange/boring and what student would I ever recommend this to?"

The descriptive language is absolutely beautiful. I could see the waves and feel the sand and smell the air and taste the chocolate icing on her birthday cake. Teachers will love to use passages from this book just for the descriptions.

Alice is a believable and relatable character. She gets excited and disappointed and as readers we feel both of these emotions. I could see the secondary characters in my mind they, too, were described very well.

Don't pick up this book expecting action and adventure, however. Most of it is Alice learning to accept the world around her. As she reaches her tenth birthday she begins to see that not everyone is perfect and they will sometimes disappoint her.

Because I read this on my Nook I was not as careful to take notes as I should have been ... marking passages that were especially evocative of a particular sense. Or marking the strange passage where Alice decides that she believes in a female God. That one was just weird.

I will probably get a copy of this for my school library. But only one.

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