Sunday, April 24, 2011

B is for ...

Blue Balliet--Chasing Vermeer (and subsequent followups) was so much fun to read. I still remember (and wonder how we ever pulled it off) the year it was on the state list how we got a bunch of clues together and delivered them to participating classrooms just like in the story. Kids had to look up information about artists and solve puzzles and all because my Yoda READ poster had been "stolen." FUN TIMES. Doubt with the increased testing pressure we'd ever get any participation with something like that now. Maybe. But I doubt it. At one time there had been rumors of a movie. Oh well.

Holly Black--White Cat and Red Glove. Hello? SO GOOD. Cannot wait for book three!

One of my favorite "grown up" authors is Steve Berry. LITTLE bit of fact with his fiction ... makes for a fast-paced thriller that's hard to put down!
I'm behind but another favorite is Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. Too bad they made the short-lived TV version into such rubbish.

Gilbert Blythe. I know, I know. Last post was by first name. But who cares. First literary swoon. And I still do every time I read about him. Hey. Him calling Anne "Carrots" and dipping her hair in the ink? That gave me hope that all the boys who were so mean as kids could actually grow up to be nice.

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