Friday, April 29, 2011

G is for ...

John and Hank Green! I've ever only read Paper Towns. So sorry, John, as I know that is your first and true passion. But with videos like these I had to list you here.

1:36-3:15, especially. Not as big a fan of the first part. :/

(Oh. I just previewed the layout and this video comes with an interesting preview screen shot. But ... the end part really is so cute. Not the dance. The whole nerd boys and nerd girls thing.)

Alec Greven. Please don't become a weird little self help guru. I love your books. SPOT ON with both the How to Talk to Girls and School Rules. ;]

Keith Graves. Cause Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance.

Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams. TUNNELS and subsequent followups. I have always been fascinated by underground worlds. Mostly because I would never have the nerve to explore them myself in real life. But I can totally do it in a book! (Side note ... once my family was at a place called Enchanted Rock. Mostly it's hiking but there are some caves to explore. I remember finally getting the nerve to go down there and hearing my little brother from deep within the bowels of the earth say "THERE ARE LIKE A MILLION DADDY LONG LEGS DOWN HERE!" And that, my friends, was my signal to climb back out and be done with my spelunking days.)

Steve Grubman's animal portraits in Orangutans Are Ticklish.

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