Monday, April 25, 2011

C is for ...

Patrick Carman--can I just say how awesome he is? I first heard about his series The Dark Hills Divide. Then last year we were able to schedule a free Skype chat. AMAZING. He keeps doing cooler and cooler things with Skeleton Creek and 3:15 and all of the other irons he has in the fire. Keep it up!

Ally Carter--this trailer is specifically for book three but it explains the series quite well. Total popcorn lit but who cares. It is SO MUCH FUN. Also love the Heist Society book[s].

Lincoln Child (& Douglas Preston)--LOVE the Agent Pendergast series. If they made movies they'd probably be too gross/scary for me to watch. But I am DYING to find out what is going to happen in the next one. They left us on such a cliffhanger!

Susan Cooper--The Dark is Rising series ... I've done this with a couple of bookclubs now. We struggle a little with the vocab but it's been fun to then watch the (in my opinion horrible but they've enjoyed it) movie The Seeker and compare the two. In one case we got to also watch The Sword in the Stone and sort of talk a bit about how the two versions of the Arthur story compared. And these were 4th graders.

John Christopher--one year I had a SUPER smart group of fifth graders and we read The White Mountains. Oh, the awesome discussions we had about free will and what it means to have choices! They also made the funniest little book trailer video using a little battery powered back massager as a Tripod. I should have kept better track of where I saved that. No idea where it is anymore. :/

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