Saturday, April 30, 2011

H is for ...

Shannon Hale--I love Book of a Thousand Days!

Kevin Henkes--He's pretty multitalented. Picture books and awards for the illustrations. And chapter books. His newest one about the little bunny might be my favorite. Though Junonia is quite beautiful.

Charlie Higson--I did so enjoy the Young Bond series. His newest one is pretty cool, too. If you don't mind zombies.

Tad Hills I keep putting the stuffed animals in my Amazon cart and then waiting.

Penny Horvath Loads of fun. Because The Canning Season made me laugh in parts. And with a name like Everything on a Waffle who wouldn't want to pick that one up and read it?

Mary Henderson--Don't recognize the name? Click through and you'll get a hint. Still one of my favorite SW books.

HERMIONE--which I totally pronounced Her-Me-Own for like the first two books reading them with my little brother. Oops.

This post took me a long time to write. Been getting loads of rotten headaches lately. Booo.

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