Monday, January 18, 2016

MLKJr Day and To Dos

Hope you are enjoying this January day.

We are out of school. It's our only holiday until Spring Break (we have "training" on President's Day). I'd wanted to go see The Force Awakens one more time but I am plodding through a 14 page essay packet ("Congrats! You're our campus nominee for __________ teaching prize. This is due next Thursday." Gee. Thanks.) and my TCEA presentations (I always wonder why on earth I submit to do these things. STRESS!!!).

Speaking of TCEA I only get to go on Tuesday and Friday. Still had to pay for registration but admin is only letting me go on the days I'm presenting. Tuesday's on Google Forms and Choose Your Own Adventure I'm pretty superfluous as no one on my campus ended up wanting to do it. Library Learners is doing 95% of it! Friday's is me and iRead a Book, Now What? and using iPads to show comprehension. That one, at least, I hope I can contribute something useful. I'm just kind of sad about not being able to go to the bulk of it on Wednesday and Thursday. I love learning!

I had a sleep study done on Friday night. That is weird. I don't snore but I don't sleep well. We'll see what they say.

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