Friday, January 1, 2016

Currently Jan 2016

Double post on day one. #breakingblogrules
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Currently January

Waaaaay behind on watching every episode until the new ones. I started with their FB challenge of an episode a day in the summer but 9 seasons? And school? But then again, how much time would that have been wasted? I am on the Christmas episode (with the funny ghosts!) of season 6. Only I forgot to watch the first movie that goes in between.

Returns of TV shows. Sherlock tonight (cause BC is YUMMY!). Downton Abbey on Sunday. And X-Files. Otherwise January would be a big bunch of BLAH, peeps. Stupid cedar pollen even after 22 months of shots and heaven help those who don't get shots,  I'm looking at you.

There is soooo much. Where to start? Lesson planning. Blog improving. READING. Review writing. Exercise. Decluttering. Hobby building. Goal writing. System implementation to achieve those goals.

If you're in TX you know why. I want a sizzling fajita plate. Stat. Actually in a perfect world it would be with Las Palapas corn tortillas. I like their tortillas best, but TC's insides.

Cause that where to start? It's almost over. Some of it done but not enough. Fastest two weeks ever.

I don't always do so well with those. I think last year it was intent. But I didn't put it front and center and of course it got put aside with regular ol' life, and the insomnia and rotten headaches of this year. So focus. Figure out the most important goals and focus on those. Put them front and center. Plan and complete smaller steps along the way. Just have to figure out WHAT those goals might be. I didn't know I would get to go to London in October last January. That was a fun perk along the way. So no overplanning, either.

Only one I know of for sure is ...
Goodreads Reading Challenge
Yes, picture books count. I am a teacher librarian, after all.


  1. I'm a Sherlock fan too! Focus was my word a few years ago. It's totally those smaller broken down mini steps that helped me stay focused. The reading challenge sounds exciting! I've not heard of this. I'm going to have to go check that out.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how your blog has been here all this time and I never knew it! You just got yourself a new follower - I teach reading to sixth graders on the other side of the country. Good luck with your 250 book challenge! I usually manage to get about middle school/YA books read over the course of the year, so 250 sounds daunting, even with picture books included! Have a great new year, and remember, baby steps are still steps in the right direction. Keep focused and keep moving!

  3. I watched Sherlock tonight. I wish there was an episode every week! I even your two weeks off. I worked until Dec. 23. Welcome to NY ! Happy New Year!

    1. EEEEW. Though ... do you sometimes get snow days? Wouldn't that sort of make up for it? Maybe? Cause that isn't happening here! It was so funny ... my sis finally sent me the pic she took of me wearing "The Hat" when we were at the Sherlock Museum in London this past October. I was so focused on my ginormous head and the hat looking silly I missed that you could see her in the mirror. She commented "Oh look! It's the abominable bride!" and then a few minutes later "Wait. That's just me. He he." I thought it was funny, anyway. ;)