Saturday, January 30, 2016

Finally ... Saturday

Didn't get it written last night again! I was finally watching The Martian. Could've done without some of the language but other than that (I don't know enough about the science to say whether it was accurate or not) I quite enjoyed it. Also when it wasn't super gross. :P

I am learning this morning about the dangers of not being careful with uploads and organizing backups. Where did all the simple little videos I've put on the blog go?

Anyway. Here are some favorite pins for the week. CLick through for original sources. Have a great Saturday. I am working on TCEA presentations and going to buy a new mattress. Will miss Star Wars TFA again. #booonprocrastinationandpoorplanning

I NEED this.

I find myself liking IG more and more. I go in spurts remembering to post myself but I like to look. I follow a few that I know of. Anyone else have acounts?

Debating this as a maker activity. There's always so much going on I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes on it all the time ... would an uncleanable, stain forever mess get made? They are cute. Well. And would KIDs care about it or is this just a grown up thinks it's cute activity. And it is "just" cute. No STEM involved.

Cause here's the odd thing. They check out the books like crazy but if I put origami in #makermornings ... it just sits there. ?????

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  1. That's how I am with Instagram too-I don't always remember to post the pics, but I do lurk a lot! :) I like the heart art idea-I think the kids could have fun with it.