Saturday, January 23, 2016

Finally ... Saturday 1/23

Ever so behind! A busy, busy week. Still waiting on results from the sleep study and neither answer can be good. "We don't know why you wake up so much" or "Yes, you need to starting sleeping with a big ol' mask on your face." Can you say claustrophobic? The rest of that Saturday plus Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday night) was spent on a ginormous essay packet. Teaching and its so called "awards." I totally appreciate the nomination ... just not the amount of stress that came with it. Which I then still totally biffed because I didn't read the whole thing carefully enough to understand that I ALSO needed to ask three other people to write letters. Not 14 page essay packets but letters. Oh, well.

At least T-F (and last Th) were fun with 3rd grade Natural Disasters (we're supposed to call it Rapid Changes to the Earth's Surface but that is so odd). Once I make it at least a little pretty (no beautiful TPT packet or anything) and improve the wording on some of it I'll post it here.

Now. Click through for embedded content and original sources. Do I go see Star Wars one more time today? Or just work on my TCEA presentations?

Snape. Alan Rickman. We miss you!

I might have been playing around with some of this. Sort of discovered that there is a CRAZY IG community that goes all out decorating their planners. I do not foresee myself going that crazy but this year I did get a SparkPlanner to try and be more intentional about my time and ultimate goals and it is more fun to have a few little stickers to jazz it up.

The shame. OH THE SHAME. But who has time during the day? And so help me I've had the library taken over so many afternoons "We're having a meeting in here" or just by the afterschool care group that I can't really stay after to do it, either. For a supposed information organization professional keeping my own stuff together is hard. I know I'm overparanoid about it. My first year or two in the library I had a student come take a picture with me before the break ... to come back to inform me that her father said I had a messy desk. "Well, dear father, if I wasn't so busy keeping your daughter in books maybe I'd have time to clean it up!" That and a volunteer who asked me what he could do to tidy things up ... I am paranoid. But other people can't do it or I'D NEVER FIND ANYTHING.

Jus those today. If you are in the snowstorm STAY WARM. Read books and watch movies and drink cocoa for me. I'll just go sneeze (cedar pollen is not cool) and get back to my to do list.

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