Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Go Read This Post

Since I have nothing interesting to share (the QR code with Tellagami videos and SW pics scavenger hunt is working out for the most part, mainly just network issues, but it's very specific to my space so I didn't post it) I thought I'd send any of you who aren't already reading her blog over to Lessons from a Laughing Librarian to read about her library memes activity.

You can probably guess which one of them is my favorite and already printed and posted. Coming back from a spring where the most books ever were not returned. A few have finally come back. It only took seven months of active badgering, plus summer vacation. :P

Now ... is it late enough for Nyquil yet? #firstbugoftheyear


  1. Ah, hope you feel better. There was a cold with hacking cough making the rounds here. Actually took down our assistant principal. The rest of us just THOUGHT about taking Friday off but stood firm!

    1. Thank you! Lots of Dayquil/Nyquil helping. Tues. night through this morning was the worst. Since lunchtime it hasn't been bad. Just hit quickly when it did!