Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Currently

Linking up with Farley ...

Not huge with the football myself but family members are. My little nephew LOVES football just like my brother.
I do love time with family. They mean everything to me. And of course, the last couple of days, the Star Wars hype has been kind of fun. Also a-ha reunited and released a new album. I'm old. They are my favorites.
Seriously. No explanation needed.
As always? Although actually not as many as usual because I told everyone I wasn't going to schedule as many and to send kids on passes a lot so that this week we could concentrate on practicing self-checkout for all the times I will have classes and there will be no assistant. Y'all that haven't had an assistant for years? I don't know how you are sane. It's so hard. I hope I figure out how to make it better. Big crybaby here but I feel like nothing is getting done even OK, let alone well. 
1)In the grand scheme I have so much to be thankful for ... I need to concentrate more on that and not on all the things that drive me INSANE (being told I needed to attend a leadership meeting--agenda, weighted grades and two chapters of a "teamwork" book study--instead of both a badly needed allergy shot and a meeting on the curriculum for applying for a 3-D printer from our district). Time with my family and those amazing little nieces and nephews. The funny little third grader that actually gave me a hug after a digital citizenship copyright lesson (because really? Not the most inspiring of excitement topic out there. Important, yes. But deserving of a hug? ;)) 2)Then again, there are people with real health issues. Not sleeping well, dumb allergies, and being tired all the time is pretty status quo anymore. 3)And then persistence. Don't give up when the going gets tough! That goes back to keeping up my best for the students despite the major cut in assistant hours (and retirement of my partner in crime for 11 years! I miss her!  The new one is trying but he's just not around long enough to catch on. He's got a crazy schedule being sent all over campus about every half hour), to attempts to eat better and get exercise in, to building relationships with coworkers and friends. 


  1. Loving all this Star Wars stuff too! I've not had a paraprofessional in YEARS. I could totally use one but it is possible to stay sane :)