Friday, August 28, 2015

Finally Friday Aug 28

Hope everyone is doing well! I survived my first week back at school. It was quite a slow week as most people didn't really want to start breaking the routines they were trying so hard to build yet. I haven't usually done a lot in the way of orientations but with the loss of my full-time assistant this year a few things will need to be streamlined/reassessed.

So this week a few came in on passes but mostly working on setting up calendars for mobile tech or the lab, of course setting up the library calendar, learning how to use our new live morning announcements broadcast system, watching the SUPER FUN info videos (seriously, the one about blood borne pathogens was so old and awful), and getting ahead with things like bookmarks copied and cut, bookfair flyers counted out, book character pumpkin patch flyers copied/cut/counted. And attempting to update and charge things. About 80% successful.

Anyway. You're back, after my infomercial yesterday. But seriously, they are yoga pants. Meaning they are only one step below flannel pajama pants on the comfort scale. Today was a jeans with school spirit shirt day and I actually put them ON for a sec, just to revel in how comfy they were. So. THIS link if you want to try them for $25 off (and earn me some credit). Interesting side note it says free shipping over $99 but my original order wasn't $99. Don't know how long that will last, though. Long enough for me to get every color, maybe? ;)

Now. Pins I found interesting. Click through if you're in a reader. Have a great one!

Because this LFL is THE COOLEST! We might have an Eagle Scout willing to build one for school. We'll have to see.

Because it makes me laugh.

I need to reread these before my trip.

This reminds me that I need to check with the bookkeeper. I put in a PO request for B&N two weeks ago. The new one was on that request!

Why do I love these color palette ones? I don't know. But of all the boards ... the Color Stuff one is the one that is most likely to just get looked at. The others I think "now, where was that pin I remember about this book or that library display or Google Forms or such and such iPad app" but the color one? "Pretty."

Are you on Instagram? I'm getting a little more interesting over there, I hope. And enjoying all the pics from people I'm finding. Let me know if you are there.

Now I'm going back to sleep. Actually fell asleep for about 90 minutes during writing this. No more visitors in the house so I can do that. Have a good one!

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  1. I am sorry to hear that you lost your full-time assistant. Will you at least have someone part time?