Sunday, September 6, 2015

Three Star Wars Books

One that I had but gave away, one that I already have for me, and one that I've preordered.
Both I want to get for school. It is just taking SOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOONG. Even a PO to B&N that I put in before school even started. All sorts of shenanigans and we still don't have those books.

The Jedi Academy books (Jeffrey Brown) are too fun. Roan (the main character) is supposed to be ... about sixth grade? The content is elementary appropriate for strong third grade readers and up for sure. Some kids run into trouble with the names so you just have to have a discussion about how you can enjoy and follow the book even if you can't exactly say the names of characters or places. I gave my set to my nephew so I am anxiously awaiting the school copy of book three. I might swipe it and read it first. #perkofthejob #quickread This series (3 released)? A MUST HAVE. I think, anyway.

SW Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (Adam Bray, Kerrie Dougherty, Cole Horton, and Michael Kogge) is basically a reference book. There are pages for different characters and different places with all sorts of fun information on the page. I wouldn't call it a read from front to back sort of book (though you might have some kiddos who would do just that!). I may just have to put this one under the document camera during a lesson on non-fic text features. ;) It's not a MUST have but it's definitely a NICE to HAVE.

Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy (Vesa LehtimakiI only heard about last night but preordered immediately. It doesn't release until Nov. 10 but the spreads you can see here are just too cool. In all honesty I'll have to wait and see if this would be a good one for school. Will probably be out of budget by then. :P But it ties in SW and Lego and some behind the scenes how to. I've always wanted to get kids started on stop motion and Lego photography and storytelling. We didn't get the grant I wanted to get more Legos so will just have to keep brainstorming. I know lots of libraries ask families to donate old Legos. I've always felt weird doing that because hello, if they have a kid at our school they have a kid that probably still plays with them. Why else would WE want them? But maybe that is overthinking it? TBD for elementary libraries!

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