Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Maker Donation Request Bookmarks

So ... if you have access to a copy machine you might want to test the "doublesided-ness" of this pdf.
I took the rectangle off the back because try as I might, with the sort of crookedy look of them anyway I couldn't make them match up. Double sided sometimes equals stress.

But. If you're allowed to ask for things (not even quite sure I am, we shall see) ... this is editable but I put in some test text. Just sort of quickly playing around and thinking about what's coming. All of this could be used for makerspace or "regular" library research and book promotion activities! It gets expensive when you're doing things with an entire grade, doesn't it? And even with bookfair money ... there's a lot of hoops to jump through. A LOT. Way too many times I just didn't want to deal and paid for it myself. The time saved was sort of worth the money.

If you don't know how to use editable pdfs go to Z is for Zebra's TPT store and download this freebie. It saved me! I might upload this on TPT (still as a freebie) as well just because it's nice to have a clue how many people found what you posted remotely useful. But I shall probably wait to do that until I can test this on a copier. Click on the top image to download the pdf from Google Drive.

library maker donation request bookmarks

And if the spacing is totally off, well, I'll get it fixed eventually. Might take a while. #crossesfingers

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  1. Very cool, thank you! :) Editable PDFs aren't as intuitive as I'd like but another thing to get confidence using... :)