Saturday, December 13, 2014

Finally ... Saturday! Dec. 13

Good week? Great week?
Here are a couple things from the web that inspired me professionally and personally.

Why did I not think of this?

Oh, I wanted to get this so bad. But I'd already ordered myself the SW Ugly Sweater t-shirt. I liked this one better, though. :P

Headphones drove me crazy last week. Need to get one of these.

I would like a book of Hank-isms like this.

For as much as faith plays an important part of my life I'm not usually one for this type of music. I prefer classical as a more worshipful tone ... and then give me some 80s pop or 90s alternative. Or country. This, however, is a lovely, lovely arrangement. I don't recognize most of the YouTubers but who cares. The important part? #sharethegift


  1. I have no problem wearing used shoes, but headphones gross me out and I refuse to deal in them. Yuck! Had to laugh about the "ugly" sweaters; I have three that I have had for over 25 years, but they weren't ugly when I bought them!

    1. Yes. Headphones are kind of gross. I pretty much wrap my hands in baby wipes as I deal with putting them away. :P