Friday, December 19, 2014

Finally Friday Dec. 19


Five (hopefully!) little ones next week. Two are already here, we hope three are well and can come next week. So ... I won't be trying many of these SOON. But soon. I have already seen Death Comes to Pemberly, Cranford, Emma, Foyle's War, some of Lark Rise, Mr. Selfridge, Pride and Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, Sherlock, Upstairs Downstairs (oddly, didn't love that one), When Calls the Heart (cheesy but I enjoy it anyway!), and Weathering Heights.

I actually do love clothes. You'd not know it to look at my current wardrobe but I do. And Disneybounding is just kind of fun.

Another one. Aren't they fun? A book related quote, perhaps?

This color combo makes me happy.

I WANT THIS LEGO WALL. Just got told this AM that I don't "get" to do morning duty as a door stop anymore (I hated it at first cause I'm not a morning person and saying good morning that many times was hard. Actually started to get more used to it and enjoy their smiles but still. 45 minutes every day). I can have the library open instead. WHAT CAN WE DO? ;)

Just like movies not sure how many books I'll be able to read. But I do have e-arcs of the second Thickety and second and third Finishing School titles. Plus three days left on my echeckout of The Spy Catchers of Maple Hill. And with a surprise by our district LS a couple book orders to work on!

Enjoy holiday time!


  1. I'm getting a Lego wall installed in my library. I'm so excited!!!

    1. Enjoy! What size are you doing? I was going to just go with a small one that maybe two kids at a time could have used? Then a parent offered a suggestion I hadn't considered before and after thinking it over ... I liked! So now I want a bigger one.