Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Upcoming Projects

Well. Since the hands on research project (transportation, recreation, and communication ... comparing with colonial times--we had reproductions of games to play and simple Pebble Go research task cards ... but no one wanted to do it :() I thought we'd be doing didn't fly with that particular grade level's teachers I have more time than I thought I would. Plus no GTA next week. :P So this is what I'm doing instead.

This one just because he's fun and I needed a student work display for out in the hall. Is that terrible? We will be talking about apps first. We just got 25 iPads for the library (not functional yet but they will be!) so the timing is good for app discussion and why we use tech.

HOUR OF CODE! I really had wanted to be doing this all along but new admin this year nixed it. Until it became a district thing. Just a couple 2nd grade and then 3-5. K-the rest of 2 we'll try once the iPad cart is working. And I play more with the apps.
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Every year I beg classes to make book related ornaments for small trees in the library. Some years I get good responses, others not so much. The "off" years I swear I will just make some to have around ... but that's not quite as fun, is it? Here are some possible adaptations ...

Oliver Jeffers is fun. Not the same kind of tree but the story obviously lends itself. ;)

Must get a new pack of crayons. I probably have the googly eyes.

I need an easy Gerald equivalent. And then maybe a little toy bird in a nest. And a little ball. And another whale?

The trees I'm contemplating at school are MUCH smaller (like 18-24"). But this one has possibilities. I have some of those book cover foam stickers!

Would it be weird to do a "holiday" tree on this?

Or ... a tree with all small pointy red hats. Or red sleds. Both would be fun book references.

A tree in honor of The Most Magnificent Thing would also be fun. Just with ... bits and bobs of things. Popsicle sticks. Yarn. Rubber bands. Small cans. What else?

And if the book order comes in in time ... finally got to order some books! So a book tasting with at least one 3rd grade class may be in order.

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