Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finally ... Saturday

Whew! Bookfair is done. Really seemed like one of the slowest we've ever had but I'm crossing my fingers when the bookkeeping is finished and we add in credit card receipts we'll be OK. Thinking that changing the month might not have been the best. Couldn't be helped this year, though. Original date was the week the shelves were installed and we moved everything!
We had some awesome pumpkins in our Literary Pumpkin Patch.

Totally doing this. So why am I sharing the pin cause then it will be redundant when I post OUR pics?

So it kind of drives me nuts when things like this don't have punctuation. But that's silly because in every other way this is truth.

I <3 this SO MUCH. Where does one find different sizes of tubs?

I need to check some of these out! I saw Sam and Dave at the fair. One of these days when I'm in town I need to stop at B&N. We still haven't been able to order any new books for the collection so I'm behind.

Still looking forward to learning more about Chromebooks and using them with the kids. Even if Google killed Reader and iGoogle. And no GTA for me. :P

Happy extra hour of sleep or reading tonight!

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