Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently November

Linking up with Farley ...

Listening to the new Piano Guys album. A little bit cheesy but so relaxing.
Loving the pics! I wish they lived closer.
Thinking I just have to get the paperwork done (Note to anyone who doesn't know ... the TL is FAR from done when the fair is packed up. FAR. :P) and then I can get into Thanksgiving and Christmas mode.
Wanting to learn how to make my hair look like my stylist does. Can she come to my house every day? :P It's like I don't even have the same HEAD.
Needing desperately to get back into shape. *insert whine* It's so hard.
Reading picture books! The new Ivan one. Waiting on the new Piggie and Elephant and The Book Without Pictures to be delivered. Listening to Joshua Dread (middle grade novel). Just finished the third Al Capone (Gennifer Choldenko ... another middle grade) book. And As You Wish (VERY FUNNY).

Later! Must take allergy meds and head off to church.


  1. I can relate to you! I need to get into shape…but I am not willing to manage that part of my life right now…at all. And I need to go downstairs and take an allergy pill. We had another frost last night, you'd think I wouldn't need one today! I have two nieces in Cali and my sister texted me their pics… I'm super excited they are coming this month! I haven't seen them in over a year. My other nieces and nephews live within an hour and my girls love getting together with their cousins!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Love your book theme for your blog! I so need to exercise too! Once I had kids, my body has never been the same.

  3. Ha! I'd like a stylist myself. This is my favorite time of year, so I've been dying for Thanksgiving and Christmas mode to arrive.
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  4. Is the As You Wish book the one about behind the scenes for the Princess Bride? I thought that would probably be very interesting! I can never get my hair to look like the stylist does it-I even watch very carefully to recreate their techniques--never works! :)

    Not Just Child's Play

  5. Finding the motivation to workout and eat clean while being a wife, mother and teacher is so hard! I find myself getting into it and then something always gets in the way. I am asking for a treadmill for Christmas! And I swear I am going to get back into eating clean before Thanksgiving comes around so I can curb my sweet tooth before the pie surrounds me!

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog…
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat