Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally Friday Nov. 21

VACATION! JUST IN TIME! Lately getting pulled into a lot of dull things. No one wants to do the fun research things. :P Recharge and start again. So this may not be as hilarious to a non-San Antonian. But every year the Spurs do a series of commercials (in 5 hours!) and they are SPOT ON. This is just one. I won't make you see all three.

OWLS! And Christmas!

Google Funnies.

I don't crochet. But if I did crochet, I'd want to crochet this.

I do love me a good extension.

May you get lots of reading in. And turkey. And pumpkin pie (WW POINTS BE ... GONE!). And family time. Movie time. Sleeping time. Later.

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  1. Enjoy vacation! Hilarious commercial... :)