Monday, September 29, 2014

The One Where I Ramble On About Stuff

But no #IMWAYR because I am in a reading slump. I just ... can't seem to get things together enough to stick through an entire book. Got several that I need to, though, cause of reviews I promised. Anyone else hit a reading slump? I also got a Garmin Vivofit to help with fitness/weight loss/feeling better goals. It tells me to get up and move. Contradictory, the two things could be. I guess there are always audiobooks.

The library is coming together. I'd post some pictures but ... hmmm. Funny thing. Between the 11th and the 23rd ... the day I did our fall equipment inventory and the day our computer desks came? 4 of them disappeared. SO DUMB. They are thin client computers so they're useless outside of our district network. It's just so ... odd. How? We've looked all over campus. So working on shots that go around the funny spots. Plus it's taking A LONG TIME to get things like bulletin boards ordered. Cause, you know ... WALLS TO HANG THEM ON are kind of bare at the moment. I believe I mentioned that, right? Walls? :) And 85% pretty new shelving? That matches the 15% that we already had (which DIDN'T match what we had before)? It's a lovely cherry stain.

I still look around and can hardly believe it. We still hear most of the hallway (because the walls stop about 8 inches from the ceiling. Something to do with the HVAC system. That they can't get right. We're either freezing or in a sauna). But we don't SEE IT so it's not nearly so distracting. And actually I'm told the hallway can hear ME better now. So that's something.

On a side note one of the lessons today was reading The Wonderful Book and illustrating our own scene with a new animal and what they'd do with that big red book. One example? Kiddo drew a tiger using the book as a toilet. Yes. I opened myself up to that one, did I not? First graders.

Then I read some blog post that warned against embedding Pins. And I got worried. And tired. You know how by Friday you fall asleep before 7? I live large, let me tell you. That's where the last FF went. Sleep and feeling like ... dare I? Is it OK or wrong? I'll probably go back to it cause I like making comments. But maybe not. I do want to be a good digital citizen and not swipe other people's stuff.

My beautiful Google log in that I thought was just a dream last week? I have it figured out! Almost. Well except for that it doesn't work exactly the same on my school Google login as this one. That makes no sense, either. But it's CLOSE. And really wasn't hard, once I came up with the right terms to search for.

Did you see this? I'm signing up to see if it is any good.

Long ramble. Here is a random pic of some of my house decorations just to have a pic. Nothing to do with this post.

Also a PS ... the nasa and usinterior instagram feeds are my favorite. The few of you that I know about that I also follow are fun. But let's be fair. Space and our beautiful country. They are hard to beat. Cute kids come close. As do books. And Halloween decorations.


  1. Disappearing computers? Not cool... good luck getting things sorted out and your reading mojo back. Audiobooks are a good kickstarter... :)

  2. Totally understand about the reading slump. September was crazy busy. I'm hoping things slow down in October. I'm feeling so guilty I haven't blogged in a month. I have a stack of books I read but never posted about:( Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms