Friday, September 12, 2014

Finally Friday Sept. 12

Well. Still no shelves. I've now lost cred twice because I told everyone "The shelves are coming!" :P
Asi es la vida.

Boy howdy am I learning this one.

This weekend I should really finish the quote mini-posters for well-known Hispanics. Only had them mostly but not all the way done for a month now. The former Spanish teacher in me insists! When I get them done they'll be a freebie on TPT. If Google let you know how many people downloaded something I'd totally keep it there.

Well. So I joined dumb WW again. Same 50 pounds. Third time's the charm? :/

Not really one for fake fur but otherwise love this.

Fascinating. Hasn't changed much since the version I remember on Mr. Rogers.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully will get my Aurasma & PLN presentations finished this weekend. Giving them on Friday. Go! Watch a movie! Run Walk outside! See you later.


  1. Yes, I've learned to never promise a time on anything! An you don't need shelves... how frustrating for you! Keep a good goal in mind for WW. My brother AND brother-in-law have both had heart issues, and it took me three years to get my blood pressure down, but it helped to think about all of the family health issues I might face if I didn't. This summer without salt on tomatoes was tough! Will be thinking good thoughts for you in all fronts!

  2. Thanks. I'm so mad because I've lost (and gained it back) twice before. How Dumb Was That. And it's so true. It's not healthy and it doesn't feel good. Back into the fray we go. Cause it's worth it. Do I believe them when they say they are coming on Tuesday now? :P