Friday, September 19, 2014

Finally Friday Sept. 19

Heavy moment ahead then back to business. My sister and nieces (just barely 7 and not yet 3) /nephew (1 a week before the 7 year old turned 7) left today. I know I'm being ridiculous because they were only here what. 14 weeks? And they are only going what ... 170 miles or so up the road? That's better than the 300 something it was before that. I know. Ridiculous.

They just came at a time when so much else felt like it was a big fat lie. It was so good to have them. And I miss them already. The oldest one painted me this. And another one of the two of us as princesses that you'll get when I find the right place to hang it. Do I show you the whole wall here? Then you will see I am an owl nut.

That said ... whew! Busy week! Shelves! Moving books! We'll open on Monday. I can still see the kids faces and hear them whispering "OOOOOH" when they caught a glimpse of the new space. Pictures to come. I can't believe I forgot to take any during the big move. Big white double wide rolling carts EVERYWHERE.

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I know this will not impress everyone but ... AAAAAAAACK!

I loved this story. I have a brother in Kuwait right now and he is going through books sent in a "soldier's" program like nobody's business.

You probably saw this but if not let me call your attention back. Awesome post! I now want to go find Ruta Sepetys. She spoke at a regional ed center conference today and it was awesome. I'd had her book on my TBR list for a while but believe you me it has been bumped up. And it's got me thinking. What is MY story?

When I forget about Google Reader I still <3 all things Googley. We're getting some Chromebooks in the next couple weeks.

I saw some of this today for the first time with my own eyes. TOO COOL. I want to try. Where to find the money and the time with the kids ...

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