Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Library Sign In with Google

Do you keep a record of the kids that come in on passes?

We do have a flex schedule where teachers attend the library with their classes. But with 3-5 class checkout is only every two weeks. That leaves us some time to do lessons w/o so many people wandering around (though it could be better now, w/the walls! Not so distracting). The kids can always come on a pass on the "off" weeks.

It's always been in a binder or notebook. That was the easiest but let's face it ... just ended up being a piece of paper. I never took the time to go back and get the "data" from it that I'd like. Who had that kind of time? And patience to flip through pages and pages counting? Plus students didn't always fill it out completely with the time.

In my perfect world this would work. But so far I haven't been able to figure out HOW.

Each class or grade would have a laminated pass with a QR code on it. Depending on how it was set up (class or grade) all the kids would have to do is scan the pass (from an iPad in a locked stand) to open up a Google form and fill in their name. Google time stamps the entry in forms so no more "What time is it? with a clock right in front of them. :P In my perfect world through the specific QR code link the class (and by default grade, or they'd have to pick their teacher from a drop down menu) would also fill in on the Google results page. All the kiddo would have to enter would be their name.

And in my really perfect world the results would populate in two spreadsheets. One class specific tab that teachers could see (whether they chose to visit the link would be up to them ... but the info would be available) with their kids and a record of who was coming and the time stamp. That way teachers could see who was asking to come and who wasn't and even if they were playing around between the library and the classroom. And a schoolwide tab so that the library could also extrapolate our busiest days and times. And see which teachers perhaps needed some chains rattled to get their kids down here on passes.

Is this too much to ask? Spreadsheets are not my forte. There has to be some kind of script or "if/then" statement. I just haven't figured it out yet! :P

PS I wonder where the QR code in the pic leads. To be honest I just looked for a CC image on Flickr. A super on top of it blogger would have an example Google form ready to go. And a freebie library pass to download.


  1. I think this is an awesome idea and would also give you some data to share with administrators about how important the library is! I am not a spreadsheet wizard but I knew some people in my building who were. Maybe there is a fairy godmother on your staff that can make your wish come true :) I super love the QR code on the wall a - in my imagination it goes to the school website so everyone can find info quickly.

    1. I DID IT! Not the prettiest way as it requires a bunch of tabs. And if I could get the second "step" to work like in the video then it could sort from the column header instead of having so many different tabs. But until that works I have a way to get a QR code that will auto-fill the grade and teacher (but still work if they forget the pass ... kiddo will just have to choose from a long drop down list of teachers) so the student just fills in their name and chooses from a list of "Why am I here?" THEN IN THE RESULTS I have a schoolwide tab, a grade level tab, and tabs of results by teachers. I think. Dang it turned out to not really be that hard. If this will work! Dang. I am a nerd that this is so exciting to me. Thank you for indulging my nerdiness!