Friday, January 3, 2014

Finally Friday Jan. 3

I don't have this yet. But I might get it. Totally bought her blank templates collection with the intention of doing something exactly like this and then didn't. :P

This made me laugh. Not as much as the Happy Face Seal but it made me laugh all the same.


I wanted to order this SO MUCH. But I didn't. Cause I wasn't sure where it would go. Isn't it lovely? I wanted the hydrangeas, too.

I quit watching this show a couple seasons back. Still thought this was funny.

May take me through February to actually get it done (have a feeling January will be concentrating on the TCEA presentation ... just co-presenting and not even the one who came up with the idea but still ... I can feel the nerves coming on already) but we'll see. Some good ideas for reflection here.

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