Thursday, January 30, 2014

TL Blogging Challenge #4 Has Tech Changed my Job?

Yes and No.

Yes because we've gone more mobile ... and that's mostly awesome. Thousands more reference sources available now in a device the size of my hand. Keyword searching instead of index searching and multivolume searching (or the ... what was it called ... Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature?). Love Pebble Go. Kids that can't necessarily read independently can still conduct basic research ... and if they can't write what they learned they draw it. World Book. BrainPop, Jr. Kids that struggle to read at their interest or "age" level can listen to an audiobook. Kids can download library books from home on a day when there's no school (yes, I do realize a lot of them don't have computer access ... but more and more even if there's no full on computer at home there's at least a smartphone!).

No because Oh My Word when tech doesn't work it makes things difficult. Things that should be SIMPLE are not because of ridiculous network or hardware issues. I'm an idealist, I'm sure. I feel like at school things should function and not always be a fight. If they don't work it should be fixed. I can be patient once or twice or even three times with issues. But "be patient" for the eighteenth time (by people who sit in an office and don't work with kids) over problems that make it harder for teachers? How can I ask them over and over "Try this! Try this!" when they are told "don't try to use apps that require wifi because you don't have it" or it takes 15 of their 30 minutes in the computer lab just to get kids logged in to the network (and it's not because the kiddos don't know their passwords)? At home it will work. Try it there. :/

Yes because I learn more. A lot of my PD is delivered via tech ... webinars or blogs or YouTube videos or digital library books. Most of the face to face I get is ... not always what my students or staff need me to offer.
No because though I own two digital e-readers ... given the choice I still choose a hard copy title. And that's still a major portion of our collection.
So there you go. Not super eloquent but it's Thursday night and the cedar count cannot go down fast enough. :P

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