Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Makerspace Kickoff Recap … StopMotion Animation for the Win

Well. Live on adrenaline, that's for sure.
Pro: Kids had SO MUCH FUN. The Lego Stopmotion Animation was by far the huge favorite. Huge. Like no one bothered with anything else. Found some budding Spielbergs in unexpected places. The power of digital storytelling. It's a free app!

Con: The volunteers were late and then only stayed 45 minutes when the original proposal was for 2 hours. 30 minutes isn't a long time to really get started with any one group.

So here's a clip. No, it's not perfect (and my editing to blur out their names is not great) … but for the quick like 45 second tutorial and 20 minutes to work they got? SERIOUSLY awesome.

Looking Ahead: Coordinating with teachers for the time both in the library and planning their "stop motion stories" in class. Right now we have animals … once the grant $ comes in we'll have some community helper ones as well. With more time to refine both the "story" and the filming (can we say "frame your shot to get rid of all the extra stuff?") I think they could do amazing things! Just coordinating the time. I also want kids to be able to experience some of the other things a mini-makerspace (or call them library centers if you like) could offer … simple bookmarks, some puzzles, etc. Just figuring out how to make it WORK IN OUR SPACE. Can't leave everything out all the time or it disappears. Can't remember to get everything out all the time because hello, three million things already to remember and no consistent help to delegate.

On a side note … we got a moving date. New place with wall of bookshelves the week after Thanksgiving. FINALLY! On another total side note … dumb blog stats. THANK YOU to readers. I know you're out there. Dumb web spoofers are a pain. I don't get spam comments but I get fake page hits. which is a bummer. Liked it better when I didn't know they were fake! But oh my word. The trouble I had when I got my domain name the less than simple way and had to move it? Ugh. Moving to Wordpress? I full on admit it here. BEYOND ME.

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