Thursday, November 14, 2013

(almost) Finally Friday Nov. 15 & Makerspace Kickoff Plans

Well, friends, how was your week? I got sick again the last couple of days. AGAIN. Even had to miss school this morning. I'd try essential oils but Cedar X didn't help things so I don't know whether it's worth the $ or not. In Survival Mode until January when I can get to a real allergist and don't have to deal with a not-helpful PCP anymore. Never mind the news that posted "early cedar season" today. And that it might not even be allergies. Just a stupid immune system. :P :(

Funny. At least a little bit even through feeling yucky.

Haven't tried this yet but when my stomach doesn't hate me … I WANT TO.

STILL MAD AT GOOGLE FOR THE LOSS OF GOOGLE READER AND IGOOGLE. But … c'est la vie cause I'm an Apple girl, too. THe two will play together.

Love it! May be using it with my intervention group.

Tomorrow is our Makerspace Kickoff. Starting small but I hope we can keep it up. Always going to be an issue of "where do we keep it?" I have a Sterilite thing on wheels that I might bring to school. Once we get into the new house (AND NO, NOT YET … builder is dragging his heels :X) I might want something prettier for my office anyway. ;) Something on wheels at least we could bring behind the circ desk where it's not so visible after hours.
For our small kickoff we will have three classes coming … a first grade, third grade, and fourth grade. They will be visiting for 30 minutes to explore along with the Kohl's volunteers. Kohl's is giving us a mini-grant to purchase some Little Bits kits in January. For now we're getting some things that have been in the closet for a while or have not been used in this way before.
1st Grade: puzzles. Simple puzzles. I know they're not EXACTLY making but good brain exercise at creating order out of chaos. A couple Discovery bottles. Some wild animal Duplos and the very beginnings of stop motion videography. 3rd Grade: they'v been studying climates so they'll use the animal Duplos as well but hopefully get further into a stop motion clip. They won't have long but they'll get the idea. 4th Grade: this class has never tried the Sock Puppet app. Hope to get at least one or two usable book talk clips out of it. Then if they want to try stop motion they can as well. Or some more advanced puzzles. Debating duct tape bookmarks.

I'm looking back over this and realizing our Makerspace is really just some different centers (looking at three particular ladies). I've never been able to get them going but maybe with a "name" people will participate more. And I'll be better at getting them out. Egads, the number of things I have to get out and put away in a day. Had a cart of special books (pop ups, Where's Waldo poster book, etc) that we used to leave out. Put it away just last week because even with a picture that showed "please put books back spine out like the regular library shelves" (not asking in any order … just NEAT) … we were constantly having to clean up messes with everything every direction and all over the library. So who knows if this will work. Wish us luck?

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  1. Good luck with your Makerspace! I am in the process of applying for a grant for the same purpose. I can't wait to hear how it goes.