Thursday, November 28, 2013

(Almost) Finally Friday Nov. 29

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm realizing that my collection of t-shirts might have got me nominated for WNTW. If they still had that show. But … Levar! And RR!

Yoda. Wise, he was.


Kind of fun. There was another Etsy artist that used to have one for posting books read and library due dates. Haven't been able to find it the last year or two.

Ooh! I like the one in the suitcase with the cards hanging on it.

So that whole 50 School Library Blogs thing. I don't quite know what to think of that. Some say "DON'T LINK BACK" to online college sites like that cause they prey on unsuspecting students. But still. How'd they even find me? Received three offers this week alone of people wanting me to pay them to help with search engine optimization and adding the right keywords to my posts. I know I'm not great at that cause it takes a fair amount of Google work to find me under anything other than "Ms. O Reads Books." Thank you to all of you who found me! Anyway. Tomorrow I'll post some of my TPT sale wish listed items. I can't get all of them … impending home occupation means I have to be more realistic. And wish me luck tomorrow. I HATE BLACK FRIDAY SALES and if it was anything other than a couch and chair I wouldn't bother. $5-$10 off? Not worth it. A couple hundred? Sigh. Guess I have to fight that fight. Can put that money toward the delivery and some charitable causes.
Been too long since I moved. I'm sort of freaking out about it. Also because we didn't pass the inspection yesterday so the builder only has Friday/Saturday/Monday to fix things cause we have to close by Wednesday or we have to get a different loan that's a full percentage and a half higher. :/
Tough problem to have, right? A pretty new house?

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