Friday, November 29, 2013

Lesson Idea Wishlist for the SALE

on Mon/Tues.

Click above for the link from Michelle at Teach 123. Seems like it could be fun and easily adapted/differentiated for different topics and students. I liked to start with something instead of from scratch. Leaves more time to read. ;)

Debating this is from Addie Williams. DO YOUR BEST. Makes me sad when kids are "OK" with a half-hearted effort. Our school started out the year with a baseball-themed effort scale but … it didn't take off. Would pizza work better? ;)

Silly to add this because I already have a K-2 set of blank interactive notebook templates. And a set of 3-5. And while I've used both I haven't used them A LOT (if the teacher does notebooks in the classroom the kids "get it" and it's an effective activity in the library … but for classes that have never done that sort of thing before? Less effective). But these look good, too.. especially for research lessons. By Shelly Gray.

I got one set during … the B2S sale, I think. Haven't been able to use them yet but they sure look fun and a Teacher Librarian can always hope, right? That some teacher will let me try them with the kiddos? This is by the Smart Chick.

And then of course there's the clip art. Kari Bolt, Krista Wallden, Educasong, Melonheadz, Pink Cat Studio … you name something they've done and I pretty much want it. Which is kind of silly.

What about you? Anything you are looking at? Or that you've used successfully? I want the next couple weeks to be good for kiddos in the library … and my own sanity in learning the new commute and organizing stuff from boxes and storage units into the new space. While still being able to read, get some holiday shopping in, and getting back in shape. And the builder finishing up some things.

What are the chances? :P

I've always been super realistic.

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