Thursday, February 21, 2013

F is for ...

Fishing Line. Use it to hang things from the ceiling. With no walls that is actually pretty handy. #whenIdontmisplaceit

John Flanagan and the Ranger's Apprentice series. AWESOME! Especially for kiddos that aren't ready to tackle, say, the Lord of the Rings yet. Fourth and fifth grade readers, read aloud to third grade or up.

THE FORCE. Not really library or book or tech related but hey. Made it work, I did.
Signs for the library. There are more besides this one. Is this one rude? IT MADE ME LAUGH. Anyway. Click on the pin to take you to the right post. Actually by now have learned how to link pics but already had the draft of this post written. ;)

Color bookmarks. The boys fight over these. And, luckily, a few of the girls!

B&W bookmarks. They are really fuzzy here. They aren't when you print/copy them.

So as not to be annoying I will just text link to the two three things I have in my TPT store (is that excessive to have that many SW things?). A set of posters, another set of posters, and a new reading promotion. Pin those if you like. And OH! One more freebie. The sort of Lego-SW inspired bookmarks. I just picked up another set from a different artist the other day. So ... you might see more. #imalittlebitofafangirl


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