Thursday, February 14, 2013

D is for ...

DIGITAL. Files. Books. Music. Movies. I mean ... don't get me wrong. I still prefer hard-copy books. But they are so handy when you don't feel good and want something new to read without having to go out to the library or bookstore. And digital files? HOORAY FOR KEYWORD SEARCH. When it works. And no need for filing cabinets! Well. Most of the time.

I don't remember ever having the fascination. But kids do (and not just boys ... though often boys).
A few of my favorite dinosaur books (and not in any particular order because I uploaded them all at once) include ...

 Sadly does not look like this one is available anymore. But it's so fun!
On our state award list this year. For older kids but super cool. 

I might like this one more than the kids. I mean ... they enjoy it. But they don't quite "get" how clever the remakes of the songs (comes with a CD) are. Take Handel's Messiah and dino-fy it! 

 Because chocolate chip cookies are always a good choice.


 Actually I should have uploaded this one separately. Cause ... I can't believe I'm going to say this ... oddly enough? As a M.W. fangirl? DIDN'T love this one. But the kids like it well enough.

A favorite! I need to remember my B&N login so that I can go in and give it a better review than the one that's currently there. It's always a hit every time I read it to kiddos in the library.


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